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Experience based leadership programs that focus on
a reconnection to the alignment of values,
goals and self activation

Life defining programs in remote locations

Experiential leadership retreats designed to
create real perspective and teach easy to use tools.

Creating real

And more human-centric,

Emotional Intelligence?
Culture Focussed Leadership?

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Leadership Workshops

Our group leadership workshops focus on the high level attributes of leadership. Teaching individuals to manage their state, mental and emotional, to lead from a place of clarity and responsiveness, especially when under pressure.
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Leadership Coaching

Our one-on-one leadership coaching brings the best out of the leader, just like a sports coach brings the best out of an athlete. We teach tools to increase high level self awareness and self management, allowing the leader to more effectively serve the mission and their people.
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Remote Leadership Experiences

Our Remote Leadership Programs are based on the premise that sustainable change comes from experiential learning. To take an intellectual ‘class-room’ concept and turn it into a total understanding and assimilation, we run our high level programs in remote and magnificent locations.
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Recent Trips

Delve into our recent, remote leadership experiences and to the corners of the earth. In October 2014, leaders In Life embarked on a successful journey of discovery and life defining moments in remote Himalaya.
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Game Changing Leadership Training.

Our programs, To The Edges of The Earth, are designed to create Self Activated Leaders; Leaders with an existential awareness and connectedness to Life, their Mission, their Higher Purpose and Contribution. Our programs create Leaders who live ‘on purpose’ , with conviction, volition and a desire to add real value.

To create a truly transformational and referential experience, clients immerse themselves in a program that takes place in locations as far from ‘home’ as possible. In an environment both foreign and extremely beautiful, clients will step outside their normal mental and physical paradigm to open themselves to techniques and mindsets previously unavailable to them.

Leaders In Life programs vary from 2 to 11 days. All programs include a class-room, workshop component as well as an outdoor, experiential practice component. All programs include a future design session and follow up sessions to ensure sustainable change.

Leadership… are you ready to make a difference?

We are passionately driven to help create more Mindful, Conscious Leaders. This is our mission, and we would love to have you involved.